Margareth Arias & Adrian Serna

The one with the cables and the one that moves them



We are a transdisciplinary artistic company that investigates and explores the dialogue between art, science, the body and technology.

Ymoov was born in 2015, initially called ConCuerpoYmov, directed by the scenic artist Margareth Arias and the digital artist Adrián Serna. our pThe research process is based on co-creation, where each of our pieces consists of an installation-action* seen as a module of a larger whole, which continuously defines the company.

*(He finished in ymoov we mean to an installation that has been designed to contain and function from a performance)


Our work has led us to participate in different contexts around the arts and science, such as the European Center for Nuclear Research CERN, thanks to the Suratómica program, with the support of Art@CMS and supported by the Colombian Ministry of Culture, for the conception of Primer Cero.


Also at the FIU Music festival Miami 2017, with the work “The Plage Last Dance” in collaboration with Dr. Héctor Bolívar, specialist in infectious diseases and member of the University of Miami School of Medicine; the VII Festival Algoimagen in Costa Rica, with the support of the international circulation scholarship of the Ministry of Culture 2018 and the X Festival Danza en la ciudad 2017; artistic creation residency at the Santa Maria workshop center in Heleta – France; heInteractive Dance and Technology Laboratory 2016 of IDARTES and Poliedro Bogotá in the strategic line of Art, Science and Technology; virtual Digital Pandemic, invited by the group Unknow Profile from Mexico; the Chair of Art and Science organized by the Faculty of Sciences of the National University of Colombia 2020; among others.



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