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The question
ABOUT the origin

On September 21, 2021, Primer Cero was the winning project of the Creation in Dance and Digital Technologies scholarship from the Colombian Ministry of Culture.

Primer Cero is a project whose process and research has taken approximately 2 years, since its residence at the CERN facilities in 2019. From there, this project emerged, from the reflection around the concept of our Origin, to confront the different perceptions that humanity has come to, in its search for reality and to question established positions to enable dialogue with
new approaches.


What is Primer Cero?

A transdisciplinary work that integrates dance, science and technology,

Primer Cero argues against a social structure that does not emphasize questions that are supposed to be solved: Where do we come from? Who are we? Why are we here?... Going deeper into such essential issues could be the way to a free reflection outside of established doctrines.

Primer Cero welcomes the body as raw material, since as we search for answers, our
most intrinsic reference will start from the body itself, therefore, the body is the primordial unit of all interpretation and experimentation of the universe; in that sense, the body ends up being an object of study that equates all branches of human knowledge.

As a project, Primer Cero has been confronted with different environments, exposed to criticism from professionals in various fields. This has allowed the improvement in each of the stages of conception, it has outlined the necessary tools to be produced and has allowed us to identify both the opportunities and the weaknesses that the project presents.


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