Primer Cero repository

release version

The Ymoov company is pleased to make public all the components that make up our most recent creation Primer Cero: a transdisciplinary install-action that integrates dance, science and technology and invites us to reflect on the conception of our Origin.

Our work has an *Open Source* format, which means that all the developments of the piece are released under a Creative Commons license, which allows any user to reproduce, use and/or modify partially or totally, each component that constitutes the work. 

This format is mainly aimed at users involved in creation, research or education, who expect to consume the work more deeply than any viewer.

The repository gives access to the information; storing each one of the components in an orderly manner on a server, documenting the way in which each part is related and allowing the environment for a community to grow and collaborate mutually. 

We are thrilled to release the contents and we hope that each person who so wishes, can access the most intimate part of each component that constitutes the work, decipher its concept, its operation and its sources in order to transform and/or evolve on it.

The following link will give you access to the Repository.

Additionally, to share your doubts and comments, you have the following available wiki.


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