Body Coverage Network

a metaphorical construction of social memory in the network.

NetworkDiscovery of the body is a metaphorical construction of social memory on the web.

A work in which light is the protagonist and will be our only key to reveal the existence of a body in motion that is traced in a fragmented way by the trajectories of trails of information that exist on it.

A look at what we are and what a distorted memory in the coming and going of information makes us.

Of the body

After its presentation at the CERN facilities.

“I had the pleasure of attending the performance of this installation at CERN premises. On a personal perspective, I find amazing how with simple material elements but carefully guided with superb music, choreography and light Margareth and Carlos have profoundly captured how digital networks might contribute to alienate us and our interlocutors from our true material selves. In particular I find this performance as a sort of physical representation of the reflections of the philosopher Byung-Chul Han when in his book The Transparency Society, states:

Wherever information is very easy to obtain, as is the case today, the social system switches from trust to control. The society of transparency is not a society of trust, but a society of control.

I sincerely recommend anyone interested in reflecting about our relationship with the digital society to have the pleasure of contemplating this performance.”

Dr. Pablo Garcia Tello


CERN, EU Office



CERN-European Organization for Nuclear Research


EU Support Group, Section Head Development of EU Projects & Initiatives Esplanade des Particles.

Direction and original idea

The one with the cables and the one that moves them

Margaret Arias

stage artist,
dancer interpreter and performer

Adrian Serna

Electro Artist :developer
technology for art