"Colombian artists represented national art at CERN"

In 2019, the journalistic medium publimetro wrote a brief article about the initiative of the residence at CERN within the framework of "A-cerca del Origen" of the Suratomic network. It explains how the residence for the 9 invited artists arose and developed the collaboration between artists and allied institutions in this research and creation project. 

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«For the first time, CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research), which operates the largest particle laboratory in the world, opened its doors to nine Colombian artists from its artistic program Art at CMS. For two weeks, these artists received advice from world-class scientists and had access to their spaces, experiments and knowledge for the development of their artistic projects from September 18 to October 2 of this year.


Leading the group of nine were Daniela Brill and Natalia Rivera. They are both creators of Suratomic, a program that promotes spaces for creation and collaboration between Latino artists and scientific organizations worldwide. Precisely, these interests of the Colombians were what made CERN include them among its chosen ones to travel to Geneva, where the laboratory is located» (publimetro, 2019)


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